Stopping Tours to North Korea

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                   At present, the U.S. House of Representatives (the lower part of the U.S. Congress) is
working on passing legislation to make into law stopping Americans from going to North Korea. Although
this is not law yet, I hope it becomes law so that those Americans who are foolish enough will be 
stopped from going to North Korea. This is one way the United States is trying to stop money from
going to North Korea and giving the North Korean government free money. Sadly, the new Moon Jae-in
administration is now going to allow tourist groups and organizations in South Korea to go back to
North Korea. This will make it hard for the United States and other countries to prevent money from going to
North Korea. Such money spent for tourism could go into North Korea’s military and weapons programs. And
having tours back to North Korea will not provide safety for South Korean tourists. We must remember that
a South Korean tourist was shot dead by a North Korean guard in 2008, and why the tours to Mount Kumgang
were stopped. How do we know this will not happen again? I have to ask why the green light has been
given for South Koreans to go back to North Korea without any study or any negotiations having been
done about protecting South Koreans in North Korea?! This is not a good development.