Mickey Mouse Court and Yellow Journalism

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                        I am not a lawyer or a constitutional lawyer. I was once a journalist as well as an
English teacher, and I read that the South Korean prosecution will use as evidence news media articles
about Park Geun-hye. Is this true???!!! The prosecution stated that this is valid evidence. And the
court is allowing this???!!! Having worked in journalism, what I have seen of the South Korean news media, and especially those from the liberal and left of center organizations, the news media in South Korea in this case
amounts to what we in the United States call yellow journalism. Yellow journalism amounts to being either
truths, lies, half-lies and outright propaganda. And sadly most of the South Korean news media I consider
lies, half-lies or total propaganda. In a court of law that I have seen in the United States, news media cannot
be used as evidence except as possibly placing a suspect at a place at the time of a crime having been
committed (BUT, there must also be supporting and independent evidence that does the same). From what
I have seen of South Korean news media, there is NO WAY this can ever be used in an American court of
law given that it is not reliable evidence or reliable testimony. Any such thing allowed into a court of
law would be what we call a Mickey Mouse court—a complete joke and totally unfair procedure. But I
guess the South Korean court system has descended to this Third World level of incompetence?! If, in an
American court, if news media full of lies and inaccuracies were used as evidence by the prosecution, the
suspect would go free. It is saying something nasty of how South Korean courts must be operating these days.
I can only say I am glad I am no longer living in South Korea.